Version 0.9.9 - 2006-07-22: See Release Notes
The fully featured
IRC Client for Mac OSX
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Xirc for MacOSX is an internet relay chat (IRC) application completely written in Cocoa-Objective C, it is compatible with Tiger (PPC/Intel) and Panther (10.3).
With Xirc you are able to talk with other people in the world, send and receive files with them. Xirc supports Audio Chat, DCC transfer, IPv6 and proxy connections (HTTP, v4, v4a, v5) and secure connection (SSL v2,v3). It is fully customizable and scriptable via AppleScript, Perl or using the powerfull like 'C' internal scripting language.
Xirc is under development but the current version is very stable and usable.

"It's fast, doesn't suck CPU, is very customizable, solid feature set and channel/query navigation/controls are outstanding." - Kristian K. "I have gone from being a Windows user to a Mac user and i was having trouble finding any IRC client as good as mIRC with all if its features. I believe i have found that IRC client. Xirc has all the features i need and more"
Julie M. MacCompanion
"This probably the best IRC app ever for the Mac. This has far more features than the average Mac IRC user ever need."

Original conception, user interface design, and implementation of Xirc by Gian Luca Cannata

Copyright © 2004-2006 Gian Luca Cannata.